Most of the travel posts on WTWD are easily findable using the menu or the tag cloud. But other topics or commentaries are better at hiding! I’ve rounded those up on this page for easier navigation. Enjoy!


American Politics

On Being Southern

The Foreign Service

Thoughts on the Big Picture

Eligible Family Member Employment (or Lack Thereof)

Third Culture Kids

Special Needs and Overseas Schools

Retirement (from the Foreign Service)

Miscellaneous Foreign Service Topics and Rants


Packing Out

Foreign Service Housing and Super-Awesome Furniture Options

Renovating Houses

The first house: a run-down rambler in the woods of Reston, VA. I never quite grew to love the place–though I did eventually like it a lot.

The second house: a little three-bedroom place that was decorated like a bordello and sucked up primer like a sponge…

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