Embassy Housing Hack: Velcro Bathroom Coverup

So, this bathroom was kind of bugging me.


It’s our guest powder room, and has a functional, but really cheap-looking Formica vanity. I also like to keep extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies in each bathroom. So, there they are, in full view, because there is nowhere else to put them. Storage is a small issue in this otherwise lovely apartment! 

I Googled “hacks for rental bathrooms,” and came up with an idea for sticking a curtain to the vanity with Velcro.

First, I rummaged in my craft supplies and came up with a thrift store tablecloth that was about the right size, and a good heavy cotton fabric.  (As an FS spouse, I am always on the lookout for things that might be useful for covering up less attractive things…you can imagine why.)

I measured the vanity, and cut the tablecloth to allow two inches extra on each side, and four inches on the bottom.

Top and side hems.
Top and side hems.

I have found that the best way to keep homemade curtains, tablecloths, etc. from looking cheap or tacky is to allow for a good-sized hem. This gives the items more of a quality feel, and an extra-wide hem at the bottom of a curtain weights it so that will drape nicely.

The bottom hem: about 3.5 inches deep.

I used sticky-back Velcro on the vanity, and iron-on Velcro on the curtain.  (I ordered both from Amazon.)

Aside: the iron-on Velcro is great for making quickie pillow slipcovers.
Easy to remove when we move out (or to wash).
Easy to remove when we move out (or to wash).

And there we go. Better, right?

And look, I had help.
And look, I even had help.

Total expense: about $5. Total time: about 45 minutes, start-to-finish.

I like this so much, I am considering applying the same solution to the weird Formica bench in our entry hallway. Could be a good place to store all our winter boots, too.

The shoe rack was not my idea.



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