Embassy Housing Hack: Kitchen Decals

“Drexel hacks” are a thing now. You can see some good ones here.  I actually tried one yesterday, without success: it turns out that Drexel sofas have measurements that somehow do not match the measuring guides on the SureFit website. So, the loveseat-sized slipcover that I bought for our not-poopy, but oddly mustard-colored loveseat is going back to the seller.

This is not a Drexel hack, which may be why it worked out so well. I’m going to call it a government housing hack.Our new apartment has a capacious, almost-new, but also very plain white Ikea kitchen.

Nice, but very, very plain.
A blank canvas, as it were.
After the arrival of our Vienna HHE. Better, but not quite there.
After the arrival of our Vienna HHE. Better, but not quite there.

So, I ordered wall tile decals from an Etsy seller, Home Arts Stickers. I really wanted the Talavera pattern but I had to agree with my husband that with all my other decorative stuff, that might be a bit much. So I ordered the green and blue ones to go with the green window frames.

They arrived today. Super easy to put up! The only minor issue was that they are sized for 8″ tiles, and the tiles in this kitchen are 7 3/4″. So, I just trimmed them a little bit with sharp scissors.  I did not need to trim the ones that went on the untiled wall surfaces, of course.

I has a backsplash!
I has a backsplash!

There were just enough left over to put on the kitchen island and tie the whole thing together. The whole project took about an hour.

Maybe a bit busy for some, but I love it.
Instant style! Goes with my Polish pottery, too.

The decals stick well to both ceramic and wall surfaces, and you can easily take them off to re-position them. I do not think they will do any damage at all. In fact you are supposed to be able to pull them off and take them with you to re-use somewhere else. After three years of wear and tear I am not counting on that, though.

I am very happy with this quickie decorating project! In fact, I think I will order some of the smaller Talavera style decals to put around the big, plain mirrors in the plain, plain white tile bathrooms…


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