All the Weird Stuff We Have to Eat

Before the second week of July. Because that’s when we pack out!

Every time we move, we end up tossing a really embarrassing amount of food. It bothers me. I mean really, you would think since we know months in advance when we are leaving, that we could clean out the cupboards a little better. I’ve done this, what, a dozen times by now?

So today, while a carrot cake was in the oven (walnuts, check), I did a little inventory of the kitchen. Looks like we have some creative cookery ahead of us in the next few weeks, because I am determined to use at least most of this stuff!

Here’s the thing: I was always kind of a stock-up shopper to begin with. Add the insane high prices in Vienna, and a little Amazon Prime, and all of a sudden we have six-packs of everything that isn’t liquid or perishable lying around.

Good for the heart...
Good for the heart…
Definitely need to Google "recipes using dried blueberries..."
Definitely need to Google “recipes using dried fruit and nuts…”

I take the blame for the baking ingredients. I may have a slight King Arthur Flour addiction.

Baking ingredients part 1
OK, need at least six recipes that call for molasses and/or Karo syrup, stat.
I may have a slight King Arthur addiction.
But wait, there’s more.

And here’s another thing: my husband likes to cook. And shop for groceries. And he’s what you might call an impulse buyer. Which is how we ended up with seven different kids of curry mixes and pastes.

Oh, and my daughter has been living with us, and she likes to cook Asian food. So, we have all these Oriental spices and sauces that she needed two teaspoons of for one recipe six months ago.

Pickles, anchovies and duck sauce, yum!

On the positive side, I did find a bottle of maple syrup and three bags of pancake mix. I think we can take care of that, no problem.

Sunday morning is in the bag.


  1. I haven’t looked at all the photos yet, but how about baked beans with molasses? You could even use up some soy sauce with the molasses & beans.

    Red lentils are really versatile. I love this one soup with red lentils and carrots, cooked until soft with Indian spices, then blended with coconut milk, but if you don’t have coconut milk you can use yogurt or sour cream, or even fresh cream. I have the actual recipe somewhere around here and I’ll send it to you when I find it.


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