Hurry Up and Wait…and Wait…and Wait…

I am not the most patient person in the universe (stop laughing honey!) and so the last few weeks have taken years off my life, I am sure of it. I am shocked that I have not suddenly gone gray.

Yesterday, one of the things were waiting for came to pass. Our third offer on a little fixer-upper house was finally accepted, and at a good price, too. Yes, I am crazy–but like a fox, I hope. The location is excellent. Only an inspection will reveal all, but I am pretty sure this is a solid little house that has just been the victim of some unfortunate decorating decisions and a little deferred maintenance. I don’t want to post the listing, for privacy reasons, but here’s a couple of photos swiped from it:

Mind you, I have seen worse. There are plenty of awful little rentals in Arlington that are much dirtier and more off-putting. This place was pretty clean, and as a friend said, “I applaud their style.” But let’s face it, on the list of Top Ten Things Not To Do When Staging a House, “animal prints in every room” has got to be near the top. And I don’t  know what you call that lamp in the top photo–Goth? Vampire Chic?–but I am pretty sure if it had a name, it would on the list, too.

Anyway, that deal is DONE. Which is good, because we may be very glad not to be homeless in a few weeks. We have to be out of our current house by the end of June, and our onward posting is looking a little iffy right now…

You remember my son, the axe-murderer? Well a certain school at post, which knew he was ADHD and offered him a place, is now reconsidering because it is apparently a great shock to them that an ADHD kid might have trouble adjusting to high school and get some bad grades.

But, get this: they won’t let us know their final-final decision until after they all leave and then get back from spring break in two weeks!

HELLO, this is our LIFE we are talking about here. And our employer is only going to be spending about a gazillion dollars to send our kid to your school. And you only came to our embassy a few weeks ago saying you would like to attract more mission kids and can accommodate special needs. Exactly what did you mean by that? Spelling difficulties?  Dairy allergies? Wearing glasses?

But NOOOOOOO, don’t let us disturb your sacrosanct Turkish beach time. We sure as hell wouldn’t want to do that.


Anyway, if there’s one thing I’ve learned after several years in the States, it’s that it’s good to be in control of your own life. And frankly, going back to having to depend on other people’s decisions all the time totally sucks. But, I’m still here.  In my home country. And I don’t have to leave if I don’t want to.  I even have a house now. I just keep telling myself that, while I wait…and wait…and wait…

By the way, I know people are going to comment “why don’t you homeschool.” Not happening. If I had wanted to be a teacher, I’d be a teacher. I’m not, and I’m certainly not willing to be an unpaid teacher in service of my husband’s career. The End.


  1. Blech, Kelly. That sucks. I hope it all works out, but if it falls through, better now than after you are there.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of collapsed assignments lately.

    Isn’t State required to pay for extra help if needed for an IEP? Like tutors or advisors or something?

    I was so hoping to get back to Vienna, but there may not be any jobs for Howard at the right time.

    Okay, must stop thinking about the future and work on surviving the next three weeks!

    Best Karla


    • Yes, we do get an allowance to pay for tutors etc. It doesn’t seem to be making any difference to the schools.

      We knew when we bid on Vienna that it was not the best post for a special needs kid, but both schools at post gave us reason to believe that it could work out. Starting with putting on their websites that they accommodate mild special needs! And continuing through my extensive email correspondence with both schools.

      The real problem with this assignment, though, was that his educational needs were NOT taken into account when the two posts that we originally bid on that had great schools for special needs were taken away–one actually after the handshake stage–and given to people with NO KIDS.

      So, when family considerations are not taken into account at panel, can anyone possibly be surprised when assignments collapse?


  2. Perhaps by “special needs” they meant “kids whose parents decorate all in leopard print.” Send them a photo of that bedroom set and they’ll sign him right up. Seriously, what’s up with that bed? I’d have nightmares just trying to get in it.

    Good luck getting the school sorted out. What a pain!


  3. I know I’m “late in the game” commenting here, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your posts about FS life with an ADHD kid! My oldest was diagnosed at the beginning of Kindergarten last fall, and we’re re-entering the FS world in just a few weeks. I decided to homeschool just to get us through this school year (3-4 moves in one school year is just NOT fair to a 5 year old!) and have been strongly considering staying with it, for JUST the reasons you’ve been talking about in your posts! That you (all) survived this would put you up for sainthood, or wonder why you haven’t been driven completely to drink! Anyway, I feel like I’m getting a little glimpse of what we’re about to get into!


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