Yet More House Like

Finishing up the house like story today.

Here are a few more pictures, starting with the living room. That back wall was interesting. Someone had apparently tried to go for a stucco effect and wandered off about halfway through the project.  It was pretty awful, not to mention flesh-colored. We paid a guy to drywall over it.

Living room before.

The floors were all carpeted for a reason. Apparently, earlier owners had owned a huge dog that scared the heck out of all the neighbors. Cujo had not only chewed on all the doorframes, but peed all over the house and ruined the floors. They had to be entirely ripped out and replaced. At that time, we found out that the subfloor wasn’t to code, and so we had to add another layer of plywood over it. While that was several thousand dollars we didn’t need to spend, it turned out for the best. The floors are very solid and very little noise transfers between upstairs and downstairs. I am sure it would have been a lot creakier in there without the new subfloor.

Living room after.
Dining room before-not so bad, if you didn’t look at the chandelier.
Dining room after.

Same story in the bedrooms. Thankfully, the dwarf did not convey. None of the rooms had ceiling fixtures, which is why the house was so DARK. That was a very strange era in housing, when no one put overhead lights in living rooms or bedrooms.

Master bedroom before.
Master bedroom after.
Corner bedroom before.
Corner bedroom after.

My personal favorite was the smallest bedroom with the giant fish on the wall. I can just imagine guests pinned to the bed in terror underneath it. How would you like to wake up to a giant fish staring beadily down at you??

Little bedroom before.
Fishless little bedroom, now an office with a great view of the woods.

If you are wondering why the house looks so uncluttered, well, here’s a major reason. My neighbor very kindly let me store this giant pile of junk in her basement before we put the house on the market, and before most of these photos were taken!

My life in bins!

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  1. Beautiful work 😀 !! I don’t understand the lack of ceiling fixtures either. Of course, I don’t always LIKE ceiling fixtures… we are a family of tall folk and low ceilings plus hanging light fixtures can be downright painful at times,…but I do prefer the option of addiitional lighting!


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