Who Am I?

gdansk2I married a U.S. Foreign Service Officer when I was too young to know any better. We lived and traveling overseas for nearly three decades, in Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Recently, the FSO retired from the Foreign Service. We are now settled more or less permanently in the Washington, DC area.

WTWD is a work in progress. I write about our travels, the expatriate experience, feminism, politics, and anything else that strikes my fancy at the moment. I have also written for publication: clips are available on my LinkedIn page.

This blog represents my perspective, which is mine, and only mine, and not official in any way. I am not an employee of the State Department and I am not an official representative of the U.S. government. As long as that is clearly understood, if you would like to quote me or link to me, please feel free to do so. Send me any comments or questions below.

Thanks for reading!
Kelly Bembry Midura


  1. Thanks for connecting! I’m looking forward to keeping in touch and reading about your experiences in the FS. I’m a former FSO turned EFM and know all too well what you mean by “complicated.” My wife is still in; we’re posted in BKK. We’re trying to enjoy to best of the FS life with as few headaches as possible.


  2. Kelly, I just found your blog and am myself a Foreign Service spouse. Your description about who you are basically spelled out how I feel about being a Foreign Service family. We’re just starting out — in our 3rd tour domestically (Charleston, SC, where I have family), and in the summer bid cycle right now to figure out the 4th tour. We have 2 young kids (2 and 7 months), and, like you, I spend the dead of night searching all sorts of house porn for that perfect “forever” home that I will be able to bring our kids back to in between overseas assignments. Oh, and I’m also an attorney who happens to love her career, so I’ve had wild, manic mood swings about the direction of my career in addition to feeling woefully underemployed (like I did when we were posted in Kuala Lumpur). Anyway, just wanted to let you know it’s comforting to find another kindred (and sometimes conflicted) diplo-spouse!


  3. Kelly,

    I just read your About Me and your March 10 post to Millennials. I have the opportunity to join your ranks one day soon, but I am quite skeptical about the idea of “trailing”. I’ve got a cushy 20something city lifestyle, great job, etc. It’s a relief to see your voice among all of the spouse blogs which seem to be gung-ho. Looking forward to perusing your blog more!


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