Crap, Crap, Crap

I know, I can’t believe it either.

statue-of-libertyExcept, I can. I didn’t think Bush would win a second term in 2004, but sure enough, my crazy country disappointed me. And it’s gone and done it again. Great job, folks.

I try so hard to be patriotic. Some days, it’s harder than others.

Some days, it’s really, really hard.

However, while I’m not sorry to have a little breathing space before going back to the States, you won’t hear me threatening to emigrate. You see, I’ve lived in lots of other countries, and I know one thing for sure. There are crazy, stupid, racist people in every single one of them. It’s only a question of ratios. But you can’t get away from them altogether, no matter how hard you try.

Granted, electing Trump is pretty hard to top…

I did one very small thing that made me feel better today. Inspired by a post on Pantsuit Nation, I donated to Planned Parenthood in honor of Hillary Clinton. It’s the only way I could think of to say thank you to her—and to make a statement.

That statement is: I’m still here. This is what I believe. And I will give my money and time to the causes that I believe in.

So, that’s my suggestion for a very small thing that we can all do today. On a day when we are just too devastated to do anything else. Google a progressive organization that you care about and donate to it today. Because these organizations, and the people they serve and protect, are going to need us more than ever over the next four years.

And no, I’m not going to see that man be inaugurated. I’m going to stay as far away as I can from him for as long as I can. How that affects our long-term plans is TBD.

Crazy, stupid, racist, country.


  1. I know that this whole year of election business was tough and unbearable. Its great that yoiu still gave to a great cause. I am a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and I wanted to thank you for your support!

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  2. Kelly, I did something similar. I listed the organizations I support and decided to figure out what I have given so far and how much I could muster for the rest of the year. ACLU, National Parks and Conservation Organization, Southern Poverty. . . .If we can support the organizations that are committed to helping people or our country, we are doing something we can do. We can also vote out the next group of Senators and Representatives who have been so dysfunctional. Maybe we can work to change the Electoral College. How many times has this happened? And it prevents so many people from voting because of gerrymandering. So there are things we can do. This may not be the most coherent paragraph I’ve written, but it’s been an exhausting 48 hours! We welcome you home with open arms!

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  3. Greetings! I’ve never commented before, but I’ve been an occasional reader for the past two years. I discovered your blog when my husband was going through the FSO application process, and I wanted to get a realistic idea of what life is like for the trailing spouse and family. I particularly appreciate your viewpoints because we have a lot in common: my husband and I are fellow Hoyas, we have a young daughter and a little boy on the way, I’m a copywriter/editor but my husband is the more professionally ambitious one, and you’re right up my alley politically.

    As I attempt to somehow cope with my horror and disgust at the election results, I wanted to thank you for your blog. You’re always candid and entertaining but not pessimistic. (Well, not unduly pessimistic. The current situation is simply beyond the pale, and the Pollyannas out there are driving me nuts!) I also take some small measure of comfort in knowing that my vision of America does not exist in isolation, even if I want nothing more than to get the hell out of dodge at the moment.

    I don’t know if we’ll ever join the Foreign Service. More than a year and a half later, we are still stuck in security clearance limbo due to a major bureaucratic snafu. And if that ever gets resolved, who knows what will happen with hiring now. But I will continue to enjoy your writings as long as you choose to keep them up.

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  4. Good one. Funny, I filled out my volunteer application for planned parenthood yesterday. I feel the same. The big picture is so bleak. It helps to focus in on something specific I can do. Reproductive rights seem in real jeopardy, so I’m going there. No shortage of choices.


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