Warsaw Pride Parade

If there is one thing I never could have predicted that I’d be doing during our tour in über-Catholic Poland, it would be participating in a LGBT Pride parade! But when the opportunity presented itself, I was all in. Because I’m against mean, nosy, self-righteous people. Why can’t we all just mind our own business?

Also, who doesn’t love a parade on a beautiful spring day? With a disco soundtrack!

We were in the diplomatic section, right behind the lead truck. Several other countries were represented, as well as the United Nations and the European Union. (The guy with the spiky purple hair was the most excellent DJ.)
Rainbow flags with a socialist realist backdrop.
This construction worker enjoyed the show, waving and smiling at us.
As always in Warsaw, little old ladies peered out windows. Most smiled and waved, while a few looked pretty grim.
There was a little girl in a unicorn suit in the lead vehicle. Not sure what that was about, but she sure was cute. The crowd as a whole was very young. Go millennials!
Cheering from the rooftops.
Waving the flag high at a strategic point along the route.
This was so strange–the English-language “Don’t Tread On Me” flag that has been adopted by hard right-wing groups in the U.S. I don’t even know where anyone would buy this flag in Poland, much less what it was doing at the parade.
Approaching the Palace of Culture at the end of the parade.
The embassy contingent: boring t-shirts, big smiles. (Photo from the US Embassy Facebook page.)

In the last weeks of my husband’s diplomatic career, I was very glad to have this opportunity to represent for a cause that I can get behind, 100 percent. As an American. Because land of the free, y’all.

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  1. Wow
    The pictures indeed are amazing. And its true why don’t people stick to their own problems? Who knows🙄😊😂


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