Oh, Those Hot Summer Nights

It’s not really that hot in Vienna, but it is warm enough to make a stroll after dinner appealing. Our apartment is right by the Donaukanal, which is hopping on warm evenings. Dozens of  “beach bars” open up in the summer months, offering coffee, ice cream, beer, and a little sand to wriggle toes in.

It ain’t Venice, but it does smell a lot better, thanks to a good current flushing out the canal on a regular basis. The graffiti–legal, by the way–is an interesting addition. There is even an art gallery along one stretch of the canal with higher-class graffiti and junk sculptures.

This is what city life should look like. Nothing fancy: just a downtown that doesn’t empty out after work hours, and the natural attraction of human beings to water.


  1. It sounds like a beautiful after dinner walk. I think it is so fascinating how people are just instinctively drawn to water. We just can’t help but want to be around it…


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