Prague Flashback

August 23, 2000 The Moving Blues: Furniture Rant

September 1, 2000 The Amazing Blow-Up Woman of Prague (unpublished version)

September 1, 2000 A Sea of White

September 7, 2000 Of Germans and Gardens

September 9, 2000 The Truth Comes Out

September 16, 2000 Moonlit Tour of Prague Castle

October 7, 2000 Visiting Leipzig

October 13, 2000 Day Trip to Karlštejn

October 21, 2000 Prague Castle Gardens and the Toy Museum

December 11, 2000 Wanted: Applicants for Secretary of State

December 17-23, 2000 Road Trip to Austria (first visit to the Tyrol)

January 23, 2001 Grocery Shopping in Prague

March 21, 2001 Czech Weather Sucks!

April 20, 2001 Grumpy Old People

May 6, 2001 Jaro Je Tady! Time to Get Nekkid

June 13, 2001 Nebušice and its Cemetery

July 13, 2001 At Home with the Hapsburgs in Vienna (first impressions of Vienna ten years before our posting there!)

August 15, 2001 Ten Days in Bavaria

November, 2001 Thoughts on Living Overseas in Weird Times (post-9/11 musings)

March, 2002 There’s Always Something




















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