First Side Hustle: Photography

As a trailing spouse, I’ve often juggled more than one job at a time. Now there’s a hip term for this approach: “side hustle.” I like it!

Though I’m done trailing, for various reasons I need to stay flexible for the moment. So I’m working several angles at once.  My first side hustle is now online!

Well That Was Different Photo Galleries

My new SmugMug site offers a selection of the best photos from WTWD for sale both in print and by download for personal or commercial use. It’s a mix of the prettiest shots as well as other photos that show daily life in the places we have lived and traveled.

It’s been so much fun finally getting organized and going back through the years! I’m adding new photos almost every day, and will post new galleries on the WTWD Facebook page as I complete them for the site.

European Christmas Markets

Here’s what is available right now at SmugMug.

European Christmas Markets. Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, and Prague. These are some of my favorite photos and memories. Central Europe does know how to do Christmas!

Travels in Austria

Travels in Austria. We were lucky enough to be posted to beautiful Vienna for three years. Galleries include lots of Vienna street art, palaces, the Naschmarkt, the Vienna Woods, scenes from along the Danube, and the town of Krems an der Wachau.

Travels in Italy

Travels in Italy.  By far our most frequent travel destination throughout our years in Europe. Possibly my favorite place on earth! It will take years to get through all those photos, but I’m starting with the Tuscan hill towns of Lucca and San Gimignano, Venice, and nearby Padua.

Travels in Poland

Travels in Poland. Warsaw was our home for two years. It is not the most beautiful city we have ever lived in, but it has its moments, and it’s always interesting. There is large gallery of photos from around Warsaw no online, as well as photos from Wroclaw (Breslau). Next up: photos of the Royal Gardens in Warsaw, my favorite part of the city. 

Travels in Spain

Travels in Spain. We love Spain! Photos of the beautiful town of Cordobá with Madrid to follow shortly.

Travels in Germany

Travels in Germany. So far, photos of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, an Alpine ski resort that we visited several times over the years.

Easter Celebrations

And finally, a gallery of the lovely Easter Markets and other Easter celebrations in Vienna, Austria.

I’m new to this hustle, so your suggestions and comments are welcome! Now, back to sorting photos…


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