The Oddest Little Museum Yet

Last weekend, we went to see the Muzeum Motoryzacji i Techniki (Automotive and Technology Museum) in Otrębusy, just outside of Warsaw. It seemed like a good thing to do with my son on his last weekend in town. I’ve seen some very specialized museums in Poland, but this one had them all beat.

“Technical” museums are a thing all over Europe: generally they consist of an assortment of machines and vehicles produced by the country in question. Especially popular in Germany, they are government-funded showcases of national industry.

These museums can have some interesting stuff, but they have an unfortunate tendency to display a dozen tractors when one would do. Along with a dozen locomotives, a dozen motorcycles, a dozen drill presses, or what have you. So, they are not first on my list of tourist destinations.

However, this particular technical museum, small, and privately owned and operated, is different. If the American Pickers guys put together a museum from stuff found in barns, this would be it. Which is exactly why I liked it. (Also, did I mention it is small?)

So, that really was different. A fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

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