Indian Summer in Warsaw

This past weekend was summer’s last gasp in Warsaw. The forecast from here on out is in the 40s and 50s. Exactly what you’d expect here. So, yesterday, along with thousands of other Warsowians, we hit the pavement. It doesn’t matter where you go on a day like this in northern Europe. Just stay outside, soaking up vitamin D while you can.

We chose to stroll through Nowy Swiat, probably the prettiest neighborhood in Warsaw. The street itself was once the Royal Mile. This is a thing in Europe, and it means the route from one palace to another: in this case, from the castle in the oldest part of Warsaw to the summer palace, the “Versailles of Warsaw,” at Wilanow.

Nowy Swiat, like most of Warsaw, was destroyed by the Germans during the Warsaw Uprising. Afterwards, it was rebuilt using a model from the early 19th century. So, rather than being reconstructed, the neighborhood was actually taken back in time! But whatever, it looks good now.

View down Nowy Swiat with a bicycle rickshaw. Yes, a rickshaw. I haven’t ridden in one of these yet, but it’s on the bucket list.
Lunch destination: Cafe Blikle. Viennese atmosphere, salmon pierogies. ’nuff said.
You might be in eastern Europe if you are constantly accosted by accordion players while eating.
Warsowians love soft-serve ice cream, so this makes sense. But, I am not excited about it.
Keep calm and drink Prosecco. That’s better (and I did).
Pretty apartment overlooking the main drag.
Flower stand.
Flower stand. These are everywhere. Note to self: buy flowers more often!
Or, you could just have a potato.
Or, you could just have a potato. Which looks like Lech Walesa.
Straight outta Vienna.
Straight outta Vienna.
But with Polish teeth.
But with Polish teeth.
Arriving in Old Town, we are treated to a marionette version of 'Brown Sugar.
Arriving in Old Town, we are treated to a marionette version of ‘Brown Sugar” with teeny Rolling Stones.
There are always a few weddings and christenings going on.
There are always a few weddings and christenings going on in Catholic Poland. I saw at least three bridal shoots the same afternoon.
A saint's day procession of some kind.
A saint’s day procession of some kind. As a non-Catholic, it is all a mystery to me.
Toccata and Fugue D Minor. This guy was GOOD.
Toccata and Fugue D Minor. I make an exception for the accordion players who can knock Bach or Mozart out of the park. This guy was GOOD.
Disney knockoff balloons.
Disney knockoff balloons are striking in front of the “old” buildings.
Dude in a beer suit.
You might be in Poland if your afternoon wraps up with a dude in a beer suit.


  1. So glad you enjoyed – i got married in the church behind the puppeteers 🙂 one of the prettiest parts for sure – and Blikle is always a classic. Definitely go back for the hot chocolate once the indian summer comes to a close. And if you ever miss Vienna, the cafe at the Bristol comes in handy too…

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