Innsbruck: This Folk Art is Not Cowbell

So, when I was looking up stuff to do in Innsbruck, I went on Trip Advisor and read reviews that mentioned how “weird” and “creepy” the Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum was. Some even recommended that small children not visit the place. A folk art museum? Really?

I figured these must just be tourists that were not accustomed to various bones, desiccated body parts, and occasional corpses that adorn many a European church. Which are certainly creepy, but you get used to them.

In fact, this museum is no more or less creepy than a church, it’s just different. Churches usually don’t have corpse-shaped towel racks, for example. And the pagan element, which incorporates a lot of nightmarish imagery (think the real Brothers Grimm fairy tales) adds a new layer of weirdness.

It is, however, very cool 🙂

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