Things I’m Going to Miss: the Donaukanal

I’ve been thinking lately about what I am going to miss (and not miss) about Vienna. Since my brain is only operating at about 50 percent capacity right now, I’m just going to blog about these things as they come to me instead of trying to organize them into lists!

Every weekday, rain or shine, I go for a brisk walk. Since my apartment-bound life in Vienna is unusually sedentary for me (I’m used to renovating houses and gardening a half-acre or so) this daily exercise is absolutely key to my sanity. I also work from home, so there you go. Lately, with that underlying moving anxiety quietly working on me, some days I am practically beating on the windows screaming LET ME OUT! But this, too, shall pass 🙂

I walk for an hour or so on a variety of routes in and around downtown. One of my favorites is the path along the Donaukanal. The path goes the entire 10-mile length of the canal, as far as I know, but I usually walk some or all of a stretch that goes from the Spittelau train station (public toilets and drink machines!) down to the Hundertwasser Promenade beside Kunsthaus Wien. The U-Bahn runs right beside the canal for several miles. This means I can always walk quite a distance and hop a train back. It’s pretty awesome.

It was a lovely clear, post-rainstorm day today. Here’s what I saw while walking.

Dear Donaukanal, thanks for the sanity breaks. I’m going to miss you!

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