Tiny Houses on the Danube

For some reason, I am fascinated with tiny houses of all kinds. I love the “garden houses” here in Vienna. Originally meant to be weekend vacation huts, many are now year-round dwellings with ingenious compact designs. I hope to put together a photo collection of them before I leave!

So, when I took a boat trip on the Danube to Bratislava with my brother a couple of weeks ago, the tiny fishing huts along the riverbanks were a nice surprise. Some are very basic, meant to be bachelor retreats, I suspect, with a beer cooler as the major feature. Others have porches overlooking the Danube or window boxes with flowers, and a few even have trim lawns with topiary.

The boat itself was a lot nicer than we expected it to be, with comfy seats and a snack bar on board. We really enjoyed the trip!

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