Last-Minute Antique Spree

Do not, for one minute, think that the irony of writing this right after this post is lost on me. But, I have a system here: more stuff leaves the house than comes back in. The stuff that comes back in is prettier!

Vienna is a good place to buy antiques if you are patient and know where to look. The antique stores in the Innere Stadt cost a mint, but I am sure that they find a lot of their inventory at charity shops, flea markets and antique warehouses. So, that’s where I shop.

Found this Tyrolean chair at the Caritas charity shop a few weeks ago. I don’t know whether or not it is a true antique, but it is handmade and it is old. I like the rustic hand-painted style—in small doses. It’s a little small to sit on, but think it will make a nice plant stand or side table in our next apartment.

The hills are alive with this chair
The hills are alive with this chair

Last weekend, we drove out to Tulln an der Donau just to sightsee and have lunch. We walked right into the annual town flea market, because someone up there wants to me to buy more stuff, I guess.

I got this heavy copper milk can, and a cool old lantern (I collect items with German writing on them). Also a giant enamel wash tub (I collect enamelware, apparently) and my husband got a great old framed map of Vienna (he collects maps). The prices were really good, probably because we were shopping in the last hour or so of the market, and I have enough German by now to bargain.

Future screen porch decor
Future screen porch decor
I always figure any vintage container can be useful somewhere--yarn storage?
I always figure any vintage container can be useful somewhere–yarn storage?

I don’t think I have mentioned these vintage suitcases that I must be collecting—because three is a collection. They are pretty cool, with old European travel stickers on them. One is heavy leather. The bottom one has a a bentwood frame. Stacked up, they make great cat bed end table with built-in storage. Beautiful, at least to me, and useful, too. (The vintage Czech cat is not useful at all.)

antiques (7 of 7)

Today, my daughter wanted to go to the Glasfabrik one last time before she leaves Vienna for good next week. We had a good time poking around. I almost came away with a Tyrolean baby cradle, but talked myself out of it due to limited floor space in our empty-nester house. It was beautiful, but unfortunately, not entirely useful.

My husband found an antique print of the Karlskirche for his office, and I found these pretty fashion plates from 1856. They are not in the best condition, but from what I can tell online, I got a pretty good deal. They will go in my sewing room along with my antique sewing machine one day. You know, because I also collect vintage sewing items. Apparently.

antiques (4 of 7) antiques (3 of 7) antiques (2 of 7)


  1. I love your “apparently” collections, that is me all over! I recently had my first garage sale ever and I was shocked at the amount of stuff I was “collecting” – who knew I had no less than 10 different types of phone chargers. But where were the cell phones to go with them?? Who knows… I am joining the FS myself, in September I start training, and I’m very curious about all the moves and how you decide what to bring or not bring, how it gets packed, what kind of new stuff you end up buy, what sort of things people bring that they never use. I’m pretty sure almost every single person in the FS has a blog though, and I’m reading all of them. Wealth of information out there!


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