Brussels: Shop Windows

Brussels has gorgeous shop windows with lots of temptations. Local specialties are chocolate (excellent), tapestries and other fabrics, lace, and lots and lots of beer. Everything is crazy expensive–except the beer! Even more expensive than Vienna. So, my shopping was restricted to a couple of small items at the Marolles flea market. I didn’t have my camera for that excursion, but it was lots of fun, as were the big antique/flea shops in the area. I wish we’d had more time to explore them!


  1. I was only in Brussels for a couple of hours but I have to agree with the shop windows being absolutely tempting! I think that shop that you labelled “Piles of chocolate” was where I finally gave in to temptation and bought different sorts of…um, cookies, I think (I can’t remember what the right term is).


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