Brussels: Around Town and a Musical Treat

I LOVE having adult children. Not only am I proud of them, but when I get a chance to tag along on business trip, I can abandon them without a backward look. And so, last week I went to Brussels on short notice with the hubby. Just because.

My previous experience with Brussels had consisted entirely of the Gare Central en route from Paris to Amsterdam. This trip was much more enjoyable. Brussels is a big, dirty city, but it seems much more modern than Vienna in a lot of ways. It is noisy, multicultural, messy, and lots of fun. Special bonus: I got to meet up with my Okie friend for the first time in at least a decade!

The French-influenced food was also big step up! Alas, I did not sample the famous waffles. We had such big meals that I couldn’t deal with eating a giant waffle for a snack on top of everything else. I know, I know, I have to turn in my Girl Card now. But I did consume many mussels and other assorted sea critters, beaucoup frites, and some excellent beer. Maybe just a little chocolate, too.

Here are a few photos from around town. We passed by the Royal Palace just as the guard was assembling on horseback to escort some royal personage.

We were also lucky enough to stumble upon an orchestra rehearsal in a church. It was lovely!

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  1. ooh- exciting to see pics of my next post. I’m definitely looking forward to it after my three years in KSA…


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