More Gaudiness in Barcelona

Gaudi’s other big project in Barcelona was Park Güell. This was meant to be an exclusive housing development on the outskirts of the city, centering around a park designed by Gaudi himself. The housing development never really got off the ground–it was too far from the city center and public transportation. But the park was taken over by the city. Most of it is public, with just a small portion roped off as a paying tourist attraction.

It’s pretty cool, and was especially interesting to me because it is now very clear where Pedro Silva, the artist who designed “Dragon Park” in Nashville, got his ideas! This park is just a few blocks from the house where I grew up. I helped with the mosaics on the sea serpent there when I was a little kid, and later, the park became a hangout in high school. Much, much later, my kids played there with their grandmother. So, full circle, or something like that.

The Dragon

The rest of the photos are just randomly taken around town. We visited the Picasso Museum (expensive but worth it), the Museum of Catalunya (very nice), and the Catalonian National Museum of Art (awesome). We also strolled around the waterfront, the Gothic quarter and La Rambla, eating and drinking very well along the way. Lots of great chorizo, beans, Serrano ham, cheeses, Spanish wine, gelato, and not one schnitzel to be seen anywhere. It was so much fun. We will be back!

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  1. Oh I loved Park Guell when we visited Barcelona a few years ago – it really took my breath away !! Gaudi is one of those architect/artists that you either love or hate – you simply cannot be indifferent to his style. Art Nouveau had many interpretations all over Europe and Gaudi was Spain’s most major artist in the genre. His style was quite different to French, Czech or Hungarian Art Nouveau, and certainly very different to Scottish, but it was all connected somehow and I just love it all !!


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