Gaudy Barcelona

Last weekend, we took off to Barcelona for a couple of days. Though we served in three Latin American countries, and Spanish is the only foreign language that I have ever really learned to speak, I had never actually been to Spain. So, it was long past time for a visit!

Spain is now right up there with Italy on my Places I Really Should be Posted list. Great food, good wine, nice weather (nicer than Vienna, anyway), friendly people, and gosh it was fun to be able to communicate for a change. OK, we were actually in Catalunya, but everything was bilingual Catalonian/Spanish. I was pleased to find that I could still get by pretty well–though I did keep accidentally tossing in “bitte” at restaurants.

What I most enjoyed, though, was the sense of style. Barcelona is a treasure chest of Art Nouveau and Modernist design, which I love. I ended up taking around 200 photos of all kinds of stuff, from great works of art to street lamps.

Here’s the first batch, from Sagrada Familia. The UNESCO world heritage site was the life’s work of Catalan artist, architect, and all-around genius Antonio Gaudi. It is was started in 1883, and is not due to be finished for another fifty years or so. But the interior is largely complete, and totally unique. It follows the basic forms of a Gothic church, but with an entirely new interpretation.

I think it is beautiful, and I am so glad I got to see it.


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  1. Sagrada Familia is beautiful! Our daughter and I were there last fall and had an apartment just two blocks away, so we could wander over at night. We were with the first group admitted on a sunny morning to tour. The sunlight streaming in through the stained glass was incredible. We loved Barcelona–can’t wait to see the rest of your photos.


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