Have a Nice Day Vienna

I walk around the city for exercise almost every day. Now that it’s gotten warm enough to go without gloves, I have been taking my camera. I shot this batch of photos over the last couple of days.

I think this could be an excellent way to get ready to say goodbye to Vienna. While I enjoy living here, I have never been as nuts about the place as some people are. Three years will be just about right for this southern girl who has no interest in cold weather, Wiener schnitzel, opera, where Mozart slept, or dealing with cranky, uptight people. 

This week’s excursion included an old lady coming out of her crazy-expensive hat shop to yell at me to stop taking photos. She almost knocked my camera out of my hand. I gave her my sunniest smile and told her to “have a nice day.” A technique learned in the Czech Republic, this drives Austrians equally insane. Which is why I do it, of course. (I doubt they’d understand “bless your heart.”)

When I have a camera with me, I look at Vienna in an entirely different way. Though I do not like everything I see–the displays of conspicuous consumption in the downtown shops are getting especially old–there is a lot that is beautiful or interesting here.

For the next few months, I’m going to try and remember to look at Vienna through a lens whenever I can.


  1. Interesting that you write how the downtown displays are “getting a little old.” I was in Brussels last week and the chocolate stores were decadently displayed for Easter. My iPhoto library is chockablock with chocolate porn. Yesterday, though, I found myself walking past an uninspired display at Demel, and a rather sloppy spring window at Aida near Stephansdom. No photos added to my library.

    I love living in Vienna, but I worry that they’re playing the “most livable city” card without thought to additional effort.


  2. I find that slowing down and taking photos of what amuses me or the little details that stand out and mark my time in a new/different country help me in adjusting, appreciating, and accepting that I am just passing through. I need to do more exploring through my lens. And I’m happy that you are blogging your results, blessed hearts and all!


  3. I love your blog….currently living in South Africa and my husband has an upcoming interview with a company in Vienna. We are searching the internet for all kinds of information on living in Vienna, and I luckily stumbbled upon your blog. Wondering if you or someone following you and living in Vienna would be willing to answer some of my unanswered questions about living in Vienna? Although I learned a lot from your blog already, thanks for that 🙂


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