Vesele Vanoce v Praze!

Last week, my daughter and I decided to hop a train to Prague for a couple of nights.

She had not visited since we left that post in 2004. It was interesting the places that she remembered with laser-like precision. Sparky’s toy store (still there) and the Big Ben Bookshop (departed, alas) were among them. Also, various McDonald’s throughout the city, and the movie theater where we first saw Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Things I like: traveling in places where a little of the local language goes a long way. I can still speak some very basic Czech, and it was fun to see how pleased people were to be greeted in their own language. I hope the same will be true in Poland when we are posted there.

Prague is a city that stays with you. I was struck at how powerful my reaction was to being back there again. Though it is definitely more modern than it was when we arrived 13 years ago, it is still a wonderful mix of eras, from medieval to post WWII Communist. Vienna is elegant, but Prague is just way more interesting!

We had a great time walking around, shopping, and especially enjoying the Christmas markets. We happened to be there on St Nicholas’ Eve, so there were lots of angels, devils, and saints wandering around! It was very cold and sleeting a bit (thank heaven for mulled wine), but the party was already rolling along in Old Town by dinner time.


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