48 Hours in Warsaw

Last weekend I joined my husband on a business trip to Warsaw. I wanted to be with him on the weekend the list came out, either to support him or to celebrate with him. Anyway, we’re bidding on the place, so I guessed I’d better have a look while I could stay in a nice hotel for free!

I liked it a lot! Except for the freezing weather, but it’s practically in Russia, after all.

Of course, Warsaw is a big mess of Communist concrete and restored Renaissance and Baroque, but that’s OK. It reflects the history of the place, which is in your face at every turn. I think it’s fascinating.

The city was methodically demolished by the Nazis in World War II–they even shot movies of buildings being dynamited. All of this is documented in fairly appalling detail at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which is well worth a visit. The stubborn Poles put the entire Old Town area back together again. They did a darn good job, too.  It does not look like a reproduction at all.

For some reason, there were weddings and bridal photo shoots going on everywhere. I am not Catholic, so I don’t know what saint’s day it might have been, but I think there was probably some religious or traditional reason to get married on that particular weekend. Because I just don’t know how they could keep up that pace all year!

Other things I liked: pierogies (of course!), rye soup with sausages, paying a lot less for everything than I do in Vienna, and being around reasonably friendly people who like to practice their English.

Just a few pics to share!

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