24 Hours in Český Krumlov

We took a quick trip to Český Krumlov this week. We’d been there before, during our tour in Prague. When we visited, it was kind of a backwater, with mostly Russian tourists on day trips from Prague.

Wow has it changed. It’s much more of a party/tourist town now, and most of the crumbling old buildings have been renovated. Kind of sad in one way, but the Czechs are very good at renovation. In fact, I’d say they are better than the Austrians, because they don’t overdo it and wipe out all the character. This could be because they aren’t as rich, but I also think they have a bit more respect for history.

And it’s so crowded! I didn’t see or hear any Russians this time. All Germans, Japanese and Chinese on day trips. At night, there seemed to be more English-speakers around, for some reason. Maybe Americans don’t go so much for the package tours. It is an easy place for us to visit, because everyone seems to speak English–at least now they do.

As always, we enjoyed dusting off a little Czech just to surprise people. And were a bit wistful for the shabbier post-Communist days.

We came, we saw, we toured the castle, we enjoyed the beer, we went on a night-time photography tour of the old town, we ate well, slept well, and then left after a yummy (vegetarian!) lunch.

I wrote up a review for our community site if you are interested in visiting Český Krumlov yourself and would like more details.  Meanwhile, here’s my set of color photos. Click for a slideshow. A black and white set will follow…

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