A Rainbow Parade in Vienna

Well, this really was different. The Vienna Gay Pride festival is this week and the Rainbow Parade was today–it goes right behind my apartment. It was fun!

The parade here is pretty conservative compared to the Gay Pride parade in DC. But, the Viennese do have beer trucks and a more relaxed attitude toward nudity to spice things up. It was sort of an “anything goes free love, peace, and legalize pot” type thing. And impressively big–we watched it go by for at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half. I think it came close to occupying the entire Ring around the Innere Stadt. For a basically stodgy, very Catholic country, this is a big deal.

While I snapped photos, the husband collected swag. Everything from rainbow flags to free condoms. He was so happy.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Fabulous!! We went downtown in Germany to a Kinderfest. Between the U-Bahn station and the Kinderfest was a huge gay pride parade. I thought is was great. Teen boy was horrified. I remember one of the younger kids asking “Why is that man wearing gold underwear?” That man was also wearing wings and high heels, but the boy child only seemed concerned by the shiny underwear and lack of pants. LOL!


  2. Well, reckon I’m too deep in the southern woods. Cannot see a redeeming virtue in any of this.


  3. Ok. Wow. This post really lived up to your blog name!!!! Such a colorful set of pictures to enjoy, very educational and um, artistic, but I must say my favorite is the last one of your hubs with his booty!


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