Duernstein in der Wachau

This weekend we made a day trip out to Dürnstein in the Wachau. I’ve visited before, but wanted to show it to the husband. And anyway, now I have a better camera!

We had a hearty lunch at the Sänger Blondel, named for the minstrel who supposedly rescued Richard the Lion Heart from Dürnstein castle. Afterwards we visited Stift Dürnstein, then hiked up to see the castle ruins.

A little wine and apricot shopping, a small kugel of apricot ice cream, and the day was complete.

(Click any photo to open a slide show with captions.)



  1. That looks great. My wife and I are assigned to Vienna and will get there next year after language training. We’re definitely looking forward to some culture and greenery. Kabul has both, I guess, it is just very hard to experience without being shot at.


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