Rome is Amazing: And There Were Quilts?

As a crafty person, I spent an inordinate amount of time in Rome looking at floors. I had my reasons. Tile mosaic floors have been a thing in Rome for millennia. And they are really, really cool.

The Romans began piecing together floors from bits and and pieces of marble from all parts of their empire thousands of years ago. Their floors, facings, and monuments were often made of pieces plundered from other cultures. Later civilizations, in turn, recycled the Roman marble for their palaces and churches.

Each color and/or type of marble has a different name, from travertine to porphry. They also wear down at different rates, so, as one of our guides pointed out, the floors become bumpy over time. You can tell the porphyry bits, for example, not only by their red color, but by the fact that they stick up a little higher than the other pieces.

And most of them are quilt patterns! I thought it would be fun to match some of them up. Who knew that Churn Dash was hundreds of years old? 🙂  I may be inspired to start piecing again…


  1. These are really beautiful! Are there actually quilt patterns for all of them? I know that is interesting to you–and to me–though I am not a quilt piecer artist as you are! love, Nanny


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