Creativity Can Be Messy

Or not. Or, at least not all the time. Hopefully.

In my current apartment, the only place to put my office/studio is the living room. So, I’ve had to put some extra effort into making it organized and reasonably attractive. This is a good thing. Yesterday, since I was feeling a little mopey after putting my daughter on a plane back to college, I decided to really get it whipped into shape.

I have a LOT of yarn…and fabric…and art supplies…
Big thanks to the friend that suggested putting up a tension rod to cover stacks of boxes and other messy stuff with a curtain. It looks SO much better now.

I discovered about 27 unfinished arts and crafts projects. I’d like to think this is a sign of a creative mind at work, but in fact it is more a sign of a distracted mind!

Miscellaneous painting projects in progress, now out where I can see them, anyway.

Two projects got trashed. Several other ones (failed knitting projects) are in the process of being “frogged” or unraveled so the yarn can be used again. This sounds tedious, but I don’t actually mind doing it. It’s a great excuse to watch trash TV on a rainy day.

This afghan is clearly going nowhere.

And the rest are at least all in one box so I know where they are lurking.

Actually, there are two boxes…


  1. OK, I know the shelf with all of the square openings is from Ikea. But are the brown baskets and green boxes, too? Because I seriously need some of those.


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