The Prater Through a Different Lens

I just discovered Instagram and am having so much fun with it! This morning I went for a walk on the Prater and played around with the photos afterwards.

See, the Prater reminds me a little of Opryland, the amusement park in Nashville that I visited several times a year when I was a kid. Except, Opryland was incredibly—cheesily, as a matter of fact—nice. It was populated by bears dressed in overalls playing giant banjos, not terrifying clowns and gnomes. But, yeah, except for the fear factor, I do occasionally get Opryland flashbacks when I walk through the Prater. Maybe it’s the smell of fried food and cigarette smoke?

Anyway, turns out that Instagram has a “Nashville” filter (I don’t know why it is called that.) Once I saw the name, I knew I had to photograph the Prater and run the photos through the filter. And post the result on my blog. Hey, WordPress is free.  Enjoy the weirdness!


  1. I am loving the effect on these photos. Or is the place that weird to start with? I guess I have to look up instagram, even though I don’t have a phone camera that I can post from. May need to fix that.

    Oh, and the WC sign is to die for.


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