Signs of Spring

One sign of the approach of spring in Vienna: the ball season is drawing to a close. This has about as much impact on our nightlife as you might expect.

We did to go to the OSCE Ball last night. Rather coolly referred to as a “dinner dance” by some Viennese because food and seating is actually provided (and possibly because the tickets are actually affordable) the consensus among the Americans I know is that this is definitely the way to have a ball.

I had not been to a formal event of any kind since our last Marine Ball in 2004, and surprised myself by how much fun I had getting gussied up for this one. Pearls, pink nail polish and lipstick. It’s just possible that I am a girl after all  🙂

Unfortunately, I do not have any blog-worthy photos because my lame camera phone didn’t like the lighting. But the main event was held in this room at the Hofburg Palace.


So, that didn’t suck. Neither did the food, the orchestra, or the dozens of fresh-faced Viennese dance school students who performed a couple of traditional waltzes to kick off the evening. I can’t imagine how the Viennese talk their teenagers into doing this sort of thing. But they are very good at it.

The European lounge singer that followed pretty much did suck. When the second song on the playlist is “Copacabana” that can’t be good. Fortunately, the Irish delegation was hosting this year, and at the stroke of midnight, the struggling cruise-ship combo was swept aside for a St Patrick’s Day performance by some red-hot Irish musicians and step dancers. This was awesome.

We fell into bed, tired but happy at about 1:30 AM, and awoke to the first truly warm day of the year. Praise Jesus, spring is finally coming to Vienna!

Of course, we pulled on our boots and walked up to Waldgrill Cobenzl, just above Vienna, for lunch. Somehow, I managed to choke down wild boar ragout and a small draft beer while soaking up the sun in an outdoor restaurant.

I know, I know, it’s a tough job being an FS spouse sometimes. But someone has to do it.

The trees here are still bare, but there are a few tiny flowers popping up over the last week or so. I snapped a few photos along the way just because I appreciate these life signs so much after the long, gray European winter. Please enjoy them.

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  1. What an incredible setting for a ball. It can wake up all sorts of Cinderella fantasies. Maybe you should take your DS and a date next year, and make sure they are up on the latest Waltz steps.

    Love the flowers too. We are still under snow here in the Northern Rockies.


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