I Has a Rumtopf

I can tell because it says so,  in big letters on the front. I saw it at the thrift store today (7 Euros! I love this store!) and had to have it.

Another weighty addition to the HHE…

Rumtopf means “rum pot” and refers either to this sort of pot, or the traditional dessert that is made in it. The recipe is more or less: fill a pot with rum and a bit of sugar, then drop a little fruit from each harvest over the course of a year into it. In the winter, uncover the pot and make merry.

If this sounds a little excessive or trashy to you, then you have clearly never spent a winter in central Europe. The progression goes more or less like this:

By December you are so over it—but hopefully mildly distracted by Christmas.

By January you are getting pretty cranky, and having to pack up all those decorations isn’t helping any.

By February, you are compulsively surfing random travel sites with photos of beaches and palm trees on them.

And by March you are wondering if your husband’s life insurance payout would cover the cost of a tropical cruise. For one.

Rumtopf is looking better all the time!


  1. my rumtopf makes an excellent kitchen counter compost collector, but mine is huge with straight sides


  2. There was another one at the shop with a lid that I looked at and thought aha! compost! But I already have a stainless steel commercial jam container that goes nicely in the dishwasher.


  3. RumTopf sounds great. On days like today, when I have already moved 18 inches of snow out of my driveway (with inadequate help from passive aggressive 21 year old son), I could really use some of that Make Merry. Though, my hot buttered rum does a lot to warm me up too.

    Only a foot of snow left to go.


    • Great buy at the thrift store! A wonderful place to shop around. Wish I had been with you.–Nanny


  4. Great purchase! Did you get a lid with yours? I just bought one today at a thrift shop in Canada, but alas, no lid. What did you use on yours if you didn’t have a lid? Thanks!


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