More Vienna Thrifting

Every time my relatives come to visit, they want to go to the local thrift store. My mom and grandmother are visiting now, so of course, I had to take my grandmother to Caritas!

We went to another branch on my side of town, which, as it turns out, is just about a ten-minute drive from my apartment. We had a good time–she bought a few gifts for friends (they’ll never know) and we enjoyed looking through the Austrian Christmas stuff. I got a few ornaments and some 220V lights, along with the items below.

Next on the list, at least one Krampus to go with all my Santas. I saw one today but he was made of dried fruit or something and I didn’t think he would do well in shipment!

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  1. Hey, thanks for commenting. I never know where to respond, since I doubt people re-check a post’s comments for responses. Anyway, I actually thought of you during this furniture switch, and how I really didn’t want to have to order or sew covers.

    Keep up the good blogging—I read every post!


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