I Bet You Didn’t Know…

…that Vienna, Austria, is a consumables post.

Conspicuous consumption.

Well, technically, it’s not. But I had to laugh last night, as I was searching my cabinets for just one more jar of organic peanut butter. I have to stand on the kitchen counter to do this, by the way, since we have ten-foot ceilings and a two-foot step stool. I wondered why everything was so high up in this apartment and then I met the landlady. She’s about six feet tall–and her brother designed the apartment!

I found no peanut butter. Apparently, we have been through an entire case (12 jars) since we got here. So, I ordered two more cases from my new BFF, Amazon.com.

We can buy peanut butter here, but the only brand I have found is Skippy in tiny jars at about $5 a pop. I live with the world’s pickiest 15 year old boy, who also takes a bag lunch to school every day, so you can do the math. Plus, he actually likes the organic stuff. It’s a major food group for him, so I figure, why give him any opportunity to get used to the sugary stuff?

And yeah, we like rice mixes, pasta, and beans. And baking supplies, like corn meal, rolled oats, raisins, dried blueberries, pecans and walnuts. All of which are about half the price (or less) if I order them online.

There is no good reason for all the chips. They even have the same brand here. But not in little bags, and not cheddar flavor, and they were on sale, and oh well, just this once.

Mac and cheese: I live with two men. I just don’t think there’s anything else I need to say about that.

Because we’ve stocked up on these staples (along with any toiletries and household items I can get through the DPO), I can shop for the fun stuff–meat, cheese, produce, baked goods, sauces, beer and wine, etc.–locally and not have palpitations when my half-full grocery cart rings up at $150 or more. Well, not usually, anyway.

So, I’m posted to Europe, and shopping like I’m posted to Africa. I wasn’t actually anticipating that would happen here. But, it just makes sense, as long as we can find the space to store the extra groceries.

And as long as I don’t mind climbing up on the kitchen counter now and then.


  1. You had best order a year’s supply of your favorite peanut butter right now… before October 31. All over the news is the bad peanut harvest this year, and prices going up by up to 40% at the end of the month.


  2. They’re full, already. You can stop anytime now (after you get the peanut butter, that is).


  3. I love Netgrocer.com 🙂 I actually prefer to shop locally, but yes, sometimes it makes no sense to spend too much on a brand you really do not want! And yes… mac&cheese in a box… siiigh… I don’t like it, I like real mac&cheese, southern style, but my family outvotes me…


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