Show Me the Pretty

As I mentioned before, I just loves me a good thrift shop. And the DC area is loaded with them. It has that unbeatable combination of lots of people with too much money and too little space to store things indefinitely. They donate like CRAZY. And I do mean crazy. I find all kinds of clothing items in new condition, quite often with tags on them. It’s turned me into a clothing snob. I won’t buy cheap brands at the thrift store. Nope, I insist on the good stuff. With so much of it around, why settle for less?

But I also like shopping for vintage or otherwise cool items for the house. Yesterday, I made a trip to Unique and scored some pretty!

A beautiful, hand-embroidered tablecloth to start with. It’s more than big enough for my long table. I may be afraid to use it with actual food, but I’m sure it will find a place in the house. It was $20, which is more than I usually spend on these things, but it looks like new.

A nice solid brass lamp base for $10. It’s an antique, you can tell by the plug, with it’s exposed wires (yikes). But, with a $5 lamp kit from the hardware store and a cool shade, it will definitely be a keeper. (Lamps are one of my favorite items to pick up at thrift stores. You can get much better ones than you could get at Ikea or Target for much less money if you are just willing to replace shades, harps, or sometimes, plugs. )

I got a couple of clothing items as well, and this little tapestry purse. I’ll use it for knitting notions. $3 worth of pretty for my knitting basket. Well, why not?


  1. Yesterday, eight years after my divorce, I finally took my wedding dress to the local thrift shop. I don’t have daughters, and it is way out of style, so I finally took the plunge. I think I feel lighter.


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