How to Spend Per Diem: Lesson 101

So, after you “pack out” for a State Department move, you get ten days of per diem so you don’t have to live on the street while you do your consultations, change your telephone bill over to the renters, invite your friends over to drink up all your leftover unshippable booze, etc.

You could use this to stay in a soul-destroying dump with polyester sheets corporate hotel. Or, if you are smart,  per diem can be used to if not pay for, at least heavily subsidize a few nights in a place like this.

Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. Log cabin, fireplace, king-size bed, jacuzzi, gourmet food and wine….bring it on, baby! And surrounded by two of my favorite things: mountain hiking trails and Civil War stuff. It’s just so Virginia I can’t hardly stand it. (Did I mention that the teenager will be staying with my in-laws? For almost three weeks?)

I’m almost looking forward to packing out now. Thank you, U.S. taxpayer 🙂


  1. And there is a lovely little boutique hotel on N. St we stayed at after one packout — in case you really do need to be in Washington to work. The kind of place we had always wanted to stay, but had never had the excuse to do more than have drinks in.

    We pay for this lifestyle in so many ways. It is small comfort to get a couple days to rest in a nice environment.


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