Fun on the Fourth of July

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and so we celebrated as many Washingtonians do: by driving in the opposite direction from all the tourists on the Mall! Been there, done that, and anyway, it was raining.

The random choice of destination for the day was Culpeper, VA, a little town more or less in the direction of Charlottesville, and just outside the DC orbit. The plan was to grab some lunch, go to the town museum, and explore a few antique stores. Continue reading Fun on the Fourth of July

About That Flag

I’m not the diplomat in the family. Not by a long shot! But, I am aware that I still unofficially represent the U.S. just by my physical presence in foreign countries.

Sometimes, this can be difficult. Take, for example, the entire Bush presidency. We were in Prague when Dubya invaded Iraq on false pretenses, and were still there when the American people re-elected him in 2004. This was downright embarrassing. Continue reading About That Flag

Moving Brain

I just realized that I haven’t blogged in over a month. It’s a symptom!

Every time we move, I suffer from a recurring syndrome called Moving Brain. I’ve written about it before, but it’s on my mind at the moment (along with about 287 other things) so why not explore it more detail? It’s about the only thing I can concentrate on at the moment, anyway! Continue reading Moving Brain


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