A Story About a Mountain

Bobbie Jo was a friend of my mother’s, and a community organizer of sorts. She had tightly permed hair, tobacco-stained snaggle teeth, and bright green polyester pants hugging her ample behind. Friendly, and common as dirt, she once surprised me while visiting our home by walking right into the single bathroom to put on her lipstick while I was using the toilet. Well, it was only ladies present, after all.

When I was about 11, and my brother a couple of years younger, Bobbie Jo invited us all to come visit her up on Clinch Mountain in east Tennessee. Continue reading A Story About a Mountain

Oh, Right, I Forgot About This Part

I just had a rather cranky few days. No, not because of that! Although, there is a cyclical thing going on.

We are a few weeks from moving to Warsaw. So, it’s time to make lists. Time to start using up the contents of the kitchen cupboards. Time to make those last appointments with the doctor, the optician, the vet. Time to open the door to the jam-packed, totally chaotic closet in the second bedroom every few days—then turn around and walk away. Because there isn’t really anything I can do about it yet. Continue reading Oh, Right, I Forgot About This Part

Azaleas At The Arboretum

The National Arboretum is one of the best-kept secrets in DC. Located in an otherwise industrial/warehouse area in the northeast quadrant along the banks of the Anacostia river, it doesn’t see many tourists, but is very popular with locals. It is a major botanical research facility, but also a lovely park. Continue reading Azaleas At The Arboretum


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