Dude in a beer suit.

Indian Summer in Warsaw

This past weekend was summer’s last gasp in Warsaw. The forecast from here on out is in the 40s and 50s. Exactly what you’d expect here. So, yesterday, along with thousands of other Warsowians, we hit the pavement. It doesn’t matter where you go on a day like this in northern Europe. Just stay outside, soaking…

Reconstruction of a Viking warship.

Getting Our Viking On

Our addiction to a certain History Channel show had nothing to do with our choice of Denmark as a vacation destination. Nope, not even a tiny bit ;) But we were pretty psyched to spend a day going a-Viking.


Chilling in Copenhagen

I was so not ready to travel last week. But, it turns out that section heads at large missions can’t just hit the road any time they like. Go figure! Six weeks after arrival at post was when the husband could get leave, so six weeks after arrival at post is when we packed up…

Exploring the place.

Embassy Housing Hack: Patio to Catio

When I heard that we would be moving into an apartment in Warsaw, I immediately added “catproofing” to the list. Not because I am a crazy cat lady (though I am). Because cats can’t fly, and ask us how we know that! Poor old accident-prone Huckle has since left us. Our current kitties appear to…


Armed Forces Day in Warsaw

Święto Wojska Polskiego, or Armed Forces Day, is a really big deal here in Warsaw. This holiday, celebrated every August 15, commemorates the Polish victory over Soviet Russia at the Battle of Warsaw in 1920. It was banned under the Soviets (who would just as soon forget about that particular battle) and restored in 1992…