I have been traveling this week, and while very aware of the deaths of four members of the Foreign Service community, unable to blog about it.

I don’t feel qualified to say much, anyway. I didn’t personally know the individuals who were killed, and we’ve never been posted to the Middle East. By now, others in the FS community have done a much better job of writing about this week’s events than I ever could. I particularly liked this post and this one, written by a friend and former employee of Chris Stevens.

Here’s what is important: four good people died in service to their country. This photo is being passed around the Foreign Service community. I hope it’s OK to use it because I truly feel that it is the best reminder that these were four PEOPLE who died, and that they were all part of the big, crazy, extended family that is the American Foreign Service.

May they rest in peace.

The coffins of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and security contractors Tyrone Wood and Glenn Doherty on their way home.

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