It’s been slow around here the last couple of days, and so I finally updated my blogroll. Now I have zillions of links. See? →

It was fun checking out all these Foreign Service blogs! What great photos and stories. Even gets me a little fired up about bidding again. Let me tell you, that is saying something at this point.

If I did not list you it may be because I didn’t know about you or because I noticed that either:

1.) you hadn’t posted in months or,

2.) your blog was entirely about your kids, AKA a “mommy blog.”

Now, don’t get me wrong: kids are great. I should know, I have two myself. One in college and one in high school. So, they would be extremely annoyed if I posted current photos of them, I am sure :)

I remember the days when my life was entirely wrapped up in the little buggers: their cuteness, their mischief, their bodily excretions, etc. If blogs had been around back then, I would certainly would have been posting like crazy. I mean, look how cute they were!

But, I’m just not in that phase anymore, you know?

I sure wish digital cameras had been affordable (or even existed?) fifteen or twenty years ago. I would have like ten times more photos of my kids than I do now. (Watch this space for a grandbaby blog one day, lol.)

Anyway, I threaten to digress into mommy blogging myself, here…

If I linked to you and you would prefer I did not, for whatever reason, then please just let me know and I’ll remove it. No problem.

If you are living in Vienna and a blogger, I’d like to add you to my blogroll. Send me your link and consider it done.

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