Lost in the Woods…Again

If you have been reading this blog, you may have come to the conclusion that my husband and I are somewhat directionally challenged.

I mean, you would think having lived all over the world we’d be able to find our way out of a paper bag by now. But the Vienna “Stadtwanderwegs” have just kicked our butts. Every single time we set out to hike one of them we end up lost. Every time!

Today, we thought we were prepared. Just look at all our gear! ↓

I am sure this would have worked out great if 1.) we had any idea how to use a GPS and 2.) the freeware trail we downloaded to the GPS had been THE RIGHT TRAIL. But no, this download suggestively titled “Stadtwanderweg 6″ that was supposed to be a hike up the Zugberg and through the Maurer Wald was just some other completely random trail that happened to be in the same general vicinity.

So, basically, we were lost as soon as we got out of the car.

Fortunately, we are getting used to being lost. It doesn’t bother us very much anymore. This trail took us up a big hill into Alpine meadows and back down through some pretty woods where we had a picnic. We finished up walking back through a village on the outskirts of Vienna with a nice church. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday.

On the way home, we figured out where the trail was actually supposed to start, and maybe we’ll try again next weekend. With a better GPS trail map—we hope!

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2 responses to “Lost in the Woods…Again

  1. It looks like, however unintentional your walk was, it was nice. Even with a GPS, GIGO applies very much. But at least, if you record your start place, it can tell you what direction to go to get out of a mess.


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